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In 1986, I was a young lad and to be honest that is when I really began my musical journey. Through the purchase of my first bass guitar at the Melody Shop in Prestonwood Mall and some (*what is now classic rock) songs on radio, music in films, tapes from my friends and cousin is what began the long drift down the rock n' roll highway. Funny how most of them faded on the love for music but understandable, I heard a good friend say the other day, "man, life sure does get in the way of your art."

This is my art. I have combed all these records for years and handpicked a track from each one and then put them in a order that tells a story. Back then I'd ride my bike up to Sound Warehouse and for hours just flip through the records, so many of those vinyls I drueled (*see what I did there) on can be found right here on this unmixtape. Being a broke kid I could only get one every once in awhile, but if I could have bought them all I would have and that is what this is. Now with the age of the internet and several decades later, here is the sum total of hours upon hours of listening.

Below you will find a free download link for an MP3 and a Spotify link. If you do download the file you can see the cover art and if you right click look at the lyrics tab on the iTunes file you can see the track listing. So pretend we are gonna cruise Forest Lane & White Rock Lake ina 5.0 Mustang with the t-tops off and turn this full blast for over an hour and half of maximum air guitar worthy rock n' roll action. Enjoy.

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