I Luv U2-u Too?

I'll be honest,....by the mid 90's I had completely fallen out of love with U2. Achtung Baby was everywhere, I didn't get Zooropa (*at the time) at all, and the outfits/costumes were just too Madonna looking for me. Also at the time I was falling into extremely heavy music, so we parted ways.

But now today I listen to them more then I ever have and been revisiting these crucial albums I skipped over or maybe owned but never really really listened to or pulled apart. Today, I would say my most favorite thing about them is the lyrics, they are so artistic and well crafted, I don't think people know just how much they sing about Jesus and real true gospel concepts. Here is a BIG highlight from the Zoo TV tour, which was technically the second leg of Achtung & support of Zooropa

(Video to check out on Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvRchBQbc78